Monday, 3 February 2014

Why Papilio Rose?

I am Roslyn.
A few years ago, I lost my business partner, best friend and sister.
As she faded, she became fond of, focused on...nearly obsessed with...butterflies.  Clearly symbolic, Papilio is Latin for 'butterfly'.

As for Rose, that is a short version of my name, Roselyn.


You are in the hands of friends, with my wonderful and talented staff, my sister and me.   Welcome to Papilio Rose Beauty Salon/Spa!

Papilio Rose


Without a doubt 'starting' something is one of the most difficult things a person can do. 

Not that 'keeping things going' is easy, but at least it is moving (at least when taken on).

Starting with a blank sheet of paper is liberating...with no blockages or baggage...but it also has and uneasiness about its' boundaries.

Not only are there understandably no guarantees, there is a palpable uneasiness over the very possible loss of more than my time.  Leaving nest eggs and wills aside, the looming concern over not 'winning big' is a bit tough to swallow.   So...our eyelids ease together as we take a slow, deep breath. We can clear and expel the unnecessary and negative, hoping to refresh revitalise.

Then we begin.
We do what is needed.
And we do it with a smile.

Papilio Rose